75G startup

so my ammonia went down to zero 6 days ago and my nitrites had been peaked at 5ppm ever since the ammonia went down...this was normal so I was ok

well now the nitrates have went up to 40ppm and the nitrites have stayed the same the past 2 days?? does that seem normal and do nitrites take awhile to go down
here are the numbers so far...kind of looks like my nitrites went down, the purple seems lightet than it has been

I would definitely recommend an in sump skimmer as soon as you are able. Especially if you are going reef. I have a DBH1000 on my 75 and I absolutely hate the thing. Due to it I will never buy a reef octopus skimmer again unless I have a really good chunk of change to spare lol. I'm currently looking at either a vertex skimmer or a bubble magus for the 60g I am planning. And a good rule for skimmers on a reef is that it be capable of twice the total volume of your tank, at least.

But any ways. Definitely get an in sump when you can.
the problem is I don't think it will fit...most skimmers are too tall for my stand, I don't know if I could get the collection cup off
YEAH my Nitrites went down to .25-0!!! I am thinknig one more day and I can do a water change

my nitrates are only at 20 so I am going to do a 20G water change

what do you guys think I should get first?
First thing you get should be a type of fish, What is your stock list? Like what are all the fish you would like to have in the tank.
ok thanks...I am hoping the nitrites go down to 0 so I can do a WC for the nitrates

I won't put anything in there until all my levels are 0
has anyone experienced weird colors with an API nitrite test kit? thought mine was reading .25 which is a lavender color but the water is def a blue shade but not the ) shade

here is a picture...is this 0? I have seen .25 before on this test kit but the color is weird, it has no purple tint to it in the light but not as bright as 0

thats what I though but I don't want to rush it...it was 1ppm yesterday but I guess my ammonia went from 4ppm to 0 in 24 hours

maybe it's time for fish!! :mrgreen: