35% peroxide applied in the pico reef


pico 1
[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Fk8R3clElQ]35% Peroxide Treatment in the Pico Reef - YouTube[/ame]

made a new video to show application of this strong oxidizer in a very small, very old reef tank with mixed lps/sps

most treaters won't use 35%, I did it to show advanced methodology in treating green calcareous algae on the glass, its a common problem in aged tanks. no scraping required, 35% is pretty strong stuff!!
its also helpful in scaling the approach to larger tanks, if this tiny pico can take this much 35% the larger tanks you guys have should have no trouble with an equal 3% dosage run on the rocks or glass...
:) yes but thats not meant to be a distraction to the awesome power of h202 lol. did you see that sps plated inside the neck lol, makes me wish Id planted tyree purple or something I didn't know it would work that well. also, the red mushroom treated did not die, who would have thought some anemones can withstand direct 35% contact! the next day it was open like normal, it will have to be scraped off to be dealt with.

but the hazy calcareous algae growth on the inside of the glass (camera phone video didn't show it well) was clean the next day too, 35% works much faster than 3% on tough glass films.
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