28 Gallon Nanocube LED

Can't wait to see how this comes along! Waiting is the hardest part....seems to take forever, soon you'll be an expert at water testing tho :)
So, I am a little bored at the office while I wait for my 2PM appointment. I'm doing a little down the road planning of some livestock.
When my cycle has balanced I plan to add a CUC and a single fish.
My plan is as follows:
Astraea Conehead Snail x 10
Nassarius Snail x 5
Dwarf Zebra Hermit x 5
Halloween Hermit x 1
An assortment of empty shells.
I've not decided entirely yet. My list of potentials so far is:
Two young slightly different clowns that are young and see if they will pair up.
White or Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse if I don't get clowns.
Court Jester Goby
Green Clown Goby
Purple or a young Helfrichi Firefish (Maybe a pair)
Zebra Barred Dartfish

I don't know about the clowns because if I get them, I will feel limited with additions due to the semi aggressive nature and the size of the tank I have, (not to mention that they get somewhat large)
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Found an Asterina Coronata on the live rock this morning. He is tiny, and I did not have my camera handy. When I turned on the lights he slowly hid in a hole. I will try and snap a picture of him this afternoon if I see him again. Due to his size, I may not see him for a very long time. I would say he is about as big around as the bottom of a BIC pen.
He looks very similar to this specimen:

Photo used from: Nature Calls: Changi Beach 11May 09 5-7am