180 tank noise?


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We're trying to figure out where to put this tank, I have two recrooms, both on concrete, so it can go in either one. We would like in in our main recroom where we spend all our time, but we are concerned about noise levels. How noisy is a tank this size? I'm assuming it wouldn't be bad as everything would be underneath in the sump.....
I have my 120 in the living room where we spend most of our extra time. You can bearly hear it unless the doors to the sump are opened.
there are a lot of 'it depends' here really. noise can be created by equipment or running water, so it depends what you have, how it is set up and how it is all plumbed... ie: a return pump siting direclty on the bottom of the sump will make more external noise than one on rubber feet because it vibrates the sump itself. Also, overlfow plumbing using PVC pipes and right angles may make more noise than a flexible tube or straight pipe...
Joeman is exactly right. It really does depend on how you set it up.

My 180 is in my bedroom where I sleep. The only noise I ever nothice is a slight trickle from my overflow, or a loud trickle if it gets all clogged with algea :mrgreen: but lets hope you dont have an algea problem. And I want to make sure you know I said all the noise I notice, not to tell you there will be no noise at all. I just get completely use to the quiet hum of my external pump for my closed loop and fans (when they are on)
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