1" plastic tubing


Reefing newb
I just finished building my 30 gal sump, I have everything I need to install it, including a ATO system. The only thing I don't have is 1" clear plastic tubing that I need for my return. I've checked Ace Loews and Home Depot no luck. I did find 1" reinforced plastic tubing in Ace however (you know the tubing with the white thread embedded in the plastic} I just want to make sure there isn't any bizarre reason that I can't use it. It's safe right?
Thats crazy that Ace Hardware wouldnt have any. I bought about 30 feet of it recently. As far as the reinforced....I dont know. I try to keep things simple rather than just settling for it because thats all you can find. You can find it on eBay pretty cheap with free shipping.