Zybers project

If you do Nate make sure they are frozen broken. My first was not and burned through my pods in 2 months and would not take to frozen foods.
Why that's nuts. I have a lot of pods but ill be sure! I'm going to start putting phyto in my fuge for them also. My seahorses love them!
I love sea horses. But yeah Mandarins can be quite finicky if not broken to take frozen.

ok just wanted to add i found my baby back blues behind the rock work a month ago. i wrought them off as lost but left them just in case. Well 2 days of the Radion they are starting to open again :D dont know if it was the light but I'mah go with it lol
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sta starting to get very pissed off... My mushroom coral keeps melting away. As to why I have no freaking clue. I can only assume is a change from the Kessil to the Radion.EEven though I started the mushrooms on the bottle they still melted away at 25 percent intensity. I'm really pissed off because the two largest elephant your mushrooms melted into goo. Ugh... I will be turning it down to 20 percent when I get home if I find another freakin mushroom melted.
I went to my club meeting tonight for a local reef chapter. About some raffle tickets but why not all I'll channel Wade and buy some raffle tickets. What's the worst that can happen I'll be out $30... So they're doing the raffle and guess what I WON!!! I'm excited because I never win much at all at raffles. Not as good as Wade's win but still a win in my book that's pretty freaking awesome. I won a monti X2 Mohawk zoa Green Sarilia I think it is a toxic green striped shroom but wait now the best thing a skyy led :D

Ok comming soon will be

6" purple whip

5 heads Fire and Ice

5 heads Bad Mamma Jamma

5 heads Merry Christmas Zoa

5 heads Candy Apple

5 head yellow face

10 head cherry bombs

5 head devils armor