Which salt mix do you prefer?

Which salt mix do you prefer?

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mixing brands


Educate us on mixing brands. Are there any two brands that you shouldn't mix? I started with instant ocean and now use oceanic. I hope that's OK. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

I have used either brand without any different effects. My tank is small and when you buy salt it last a few months.different salts have various levels of calcium,alk,and trace elements They also dissolve differently.So if the two brands you buy are simular in properties.I would guess all is ok.Maybe some else may be able to add to this.
I use to use Mortons Salt, but things looked like :pooh:

Switched to oceanic man how things changed.
:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

Ok I was joking don't ever use Mortons in your tank.
so we are saying oceanic is in the leed since both people that voted other use oceanic.

I do have a quesiton? has anyone ever used SeaChems Salt? I would be interested to know more about it since i use all seachem supplements.

Just curious
After 17 years and trying all brands of sea salt, in my opinion reef crystals and tropic marin are the only salt to use if you are building a true reef tank. Many are attracted to the Oceanic salt (I myself have tried in a 90 gal) be cautious- within my system the pH and alkalinity were a nightmare to manage with the Oceanic salt- switched back to reef crystals and have a much more stabilized system without large fluctuations in short time periods.
I have used several different salts over the years, and have had a lot friends and use various salts. I have found the best results for me in a reef system beyond a doubt would be Red Sea Salt. I have used Oceanic and seen some corals bleach and turn colors and have heard the same stories over and over.
ALright i am a moron, I was making salt yesterday and was like wait this is not instant ocean this is Oceanic LOL

So i have only used Oceanic LOL voted for the wrong one :-)
Ill be switching over to oceanic also once I use the rest of my IO. I just dont like how it dissolves... Takes friggin forever, and i have 1240 gph inside the tub lol.....
i use seachem salt. it has elevated levels of everything. i used to use insta ocean but i would have to add all kind of supplements to the water to get it where i wanted it but with the seachem it is already there
I love using tropic marin used it on my 75 gal SPS, got great resoults with it too.

ands then there is the good old instant Ocean.