where are our countries priorities

Well #9 makes perfect sense. You can't marry your first cousin before age 65 because there's a chance that at that age the woman could still be fertile and could end up having a birth defect incest baby. After she's 65, there's no chance of her getting pregnant.

The rest of them... well, I'm glad I'm not in jail right now :).
I think #10 is the funniest.

WHEN is it okay to have sexual relations with ANY animal? Thats just WRONG IMO.

Let's see:
1-Oral sex? Guilty
2-Sex with the lights on? Guilty
3-Dirty talk during intercourse? Guilty
4-Unmarried sex? Guilty
5-Sex other than the missionary position? Guilty
6-Shooting the ole gun while she is having a 'gasm? Guilty
7-Sex in a toll booth? Not yet :mrgreen:
8-Sexual relations with a porcupine? Uh, hell no!!
9-Marrying the 1st cousin? Uh, no. Not happenin'

I guess me and Biff could share a cell. Both of us are guilty as sin.

Is it illegal to have an airgasm while flying your brandy new RC airplane? :mrgreen: