Where are my self employed people?!?!


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Ironically- we kinda touched on this about a week ago, but the time is nearing. I'm stepping out on my own- F@*% corporate america!!!!! The plans have been in the work for a while now, but it's getting close to the time to pull the trigger.
I know in my mind I'm doing the right thing- but truth of the matter is I'm walking away from GOOD $$$- and I'm not really interested in cutting back ANYTHING, but I know it'll pay off in the end- but you get used to a lifestyle.
I guess it's just cold feet, but without sacrifice, nothing's gained. I would be very interested in hearing others stories. Cause I'm looking at within a month or two- Hell maybe sooner if I get pissed.
Hey there self employed buddy!

My suggestion to you is to start your own business part time. Keep your current job for financial reasons and after you have a few clients and think your business will start generating some income, then you can quit.

For me, i made the mistake of quitting too soon because of emotional stress, but if you dont have that, stick with your job for now.

However, if you hate your job as much as i hated mine and you have no wife & kids and no one to take care of but yourself, then lowering your lifestyle for a while for the sake of a future is not a big deal. My point is, if your just on your own, you can do what you want. Positive struggle = reward.

Keep me posted on your decision and hope you come to a decision that makes you happy. If you;re anything like me, you will never work for another a-hole ever again.
CT- Wife and 2 kids. And there is no such thing as part time! I travel for work, and the business I'm starting requires travel. So I can't moonlight, either I'm all in or not. The main investment will be time, but I mean it's hard to walk away from good A money!!!
The stress I have now is ridiculous, I live in hotels and airports, see my family maybe 3 days a week (on a good week), and Hate Sundays- knowing that Monday is hours away.
Where I'm at now is the planning stage was cool.... But I can see the do-or die day coming, and I've come so far that turning back is almost not an option. The Mrs. is cool with it, and says go for it- but am I opening the door later on for ??? I don't know, and that's the part that's stressing me.
Just with the economy the way it is- now I'm going to have to "eat" the travel expense of hitting @ least 3 cities a week (airfare,rental,hotel,meals, GAS) The overhead alone is nuts! But I have to get out of here!!! And my number one gripe is not seeing the family enough- But launching my own organization.... Am I really thinking I'm going to see them more? I know I sound nuts- all over the place but
It's great that you're getting the support you need from your wife to move forward with your business. By the way, if you dont mind me asking...what kind of business do you have in mind?

Seems like you have your mind pretty much made up and its something you will do sooner or later. Your situation is pretty tough with the type of job you currently have. It would have been more secure if you cold do this part time but since you cant, you'll do what you have to...you will manage. When do you think you will actually move forward with your new plans? Do you have enough money saved up?