West Virgina(pics)

Me and my family went to West Virgina Because we have a trailer down there as a eekend house thing. I love it there because of tygart lake cleanest lake great for wakeboarding and fishing for striped bass/ freshwater rockfish (YUM).WE have a stingray speedboat thingie and that is what i wakboard off of . And heres 2 pics of a salamander and a bee. im just bored and not tired yet soo

MY parents would kill me if they find out i put a pic of me or them. the salamander was so hard beacuse he was ike a inch big
They are right Hibye you are too young( not being rude) to have pics of yourself on the web. TOOOOOO many freakshows out there
I have kids and I would lose it if my 9 or 5 year old had pics up. My ex has pics of my daughter on her myspace page and I freaked out about it. Nothing like advertising for the pedophiles
hibye i understand it, there were just many many comments said when you lied about your age a billion times. doesnt mean i dont unerstand now that you apparently know how old you actually are
Yup, I am one of those sicko's:evil!?!?: j/k

I just thought you would have some of you wakeboarding, as you can see I do little wakeboarding myself, the boat in my avatar. Mastercraft X1.

Can you land any tricks? I have finally mastered the back flip and am working on the wirlybird and tantrum. I would love to land an air-railey. It's too risky though.