Very cool project

It would make a great reef, but you imagine the cost for the set up. Man thats scary to just think about!!!! LOL
Jaws in the living room....I don't think so.
I know what to feed them though..CATS!!!

Oh geez not another one of you!!! What is this, a fish forum or a cat hating forum????? :question: :question: :mrgreen: My three spoiled cats are not amused...
My wife's two cats keeps climbing my tank.I have no tops but the lights nearly cover the whole top.If they kill my fish they will be fishbait!!!!

sorry Biff
I didnt bash I just said it we would be amused if you gave the cat a pair of concrete boots :D *as the theme from jaws plays in my head* :scratchch
Reeffreak, this isn't the first time my three lovely cats have had their sensibilities insulted by the likes of Jelly, Yote and their feline hating ilk :pissed:. They are just jealous because my cats are better looking than they are :D.