underwater ball valve


Reefing newb
Hello All -

Any opinions on the cons of having an underwater ball valve connected directly to my mag pump on the return line from my mag pump in my sump? I was told it would pose no problem. Just thought I'd ask? My return line will currently be vinyl tubing with a PVC ball valve with plastic handle. Otherwise, if I want the ball valve above the water, I will have to buy a plastic connector to connect to the mag pump, attach an adaptor, put in vinyl tubing, then connect the vinyl tubing to another adaptor, connect to the ball valve, get another adaptor, attach vinyl tubing, attach to spray bar. jeessss.....:frustrat: There has to be another easier way for this newbi.....
Con?Your hand gets wet when you need to adjust the valve,otherwise there isn't any.

You make it sound like it is so much work to place the valve out of water,it really isn't.
Thanks you-all..... It's just that a lot of money has been spent..Wow.... Again, thanks much....

OH you aint spent any money YET:mrgreen:Just wait untill you start adding fish and corals and live rock and so on and so forth.:Cheers: