Tattooed? Show Your Ink!

Yes it does say Ellie, It's kind of a blurry picture. It's her signature. Rigo I'll get a full body shot up here someday. Not today, I'm laid up. Drank a little too much last night and "fell asleep" in a weird position now my neck is all stiff and I can't turn it to the right, so I don't look cute today.

Here's a head shot. This was last week while we were in Canada for my allergy course. We went whale watching and I had a sweet lady from England take a pic of us on the boat. We had to wear full body life/wet suits. I felt like the little kid Randy on "A Christmas Story" getting ready to go to school. We saw a bunch of Orca's. BTW, I'm the one on the left. :mrgreen: lol

hey keep your non tattoo pics outta this thread!!!! :) sounds like you had a little too much fun last night.

Biff I told you. maybe it was too dark in my room to see it when you came up here :cool:
Hey, there was a tattoo pic in there, Rigo wanted to see what I look like, I can't help it. What did you want me to do start my own thread, Sara's personal pics? Hehehehe. I have to trick you guys into looking at my pics I doubt you'd look at them if I didn't sneak them in somewhere. :D Plus, I am not flexible enough to take a pic of the one on my back.
I actually saw them all before I went to your profile and checked out the pics you updated. so it was all old news to me :) coulda said to just look at your profile. but mostly I was just havin fun givin you a hard time. all fun and games!