Sump filter losing water


Reefing newb
Hey guys my sump filter seems to be losing the majority of its water on about a weekly basis. There are no leaks as nothing is the least bit wet yet I am DEFINATLEY losing water. Any ideas guys?
Really? that much evaporation that fast? I didnt think it would be that fast was all. I am refilling it with salt water btw. Since its been happening i have been keeping a ten gallon bucket of the stuff at a time.
I had to top off my 150 with a gallon or so everyday. But I live in a really dry area. So yes, that much evaporation everyday.

You should be topping off with fresh water. The salt doesn't evaporate.
You should also be careful topping off with saltwater. That is gonna raise your salinity. My tAnk gets refilled with r/o water daily with my top off system
+1 to Erin and Justin.

Check your salinity in the tank right away. You should not be topping off with saltwater unless it is needed.
+1 to all!
I live in the Northeast. Dry in the house, with forced air furnace and wood stove heating the joint. As a result, I lose almost 1 gallon per day in an 85 gallon system (65 dt and 20 sump). It's amazing how fast it happens! In the summer it's a little less. RODI only to top!
Evaporation sux - but it is something we all have to deal with. Just keep adding ro/di and checking salinity level ( it is odd that you are losing the saline parameter w/ evaporation)
Like was already said,if your loosing salt,you've got a leak.And if your loosing salt that fast,then you've a leak to a blind person should be able to find.
I found the leak and stopped it. it was a loose fitting. This last water addition didnt contain salt and salinity is good. there is a HUGE salt deposit on the lid of the sump container. its setup with a slightly small lid so leaks will go back into the sump tank but it left HUGE salt deposits on it so i tightened it down.