SSalty's official cooking thread


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Anyone else like to cook? I enjoy rattling a few pots and pans every once and awhile. I hate using cook books, so I make up my own creations.

Here are some pics of what I made this weekend. Haha, I know I am a dork, but I have nothing better to do.

Salmon in puff pastry, with shitake lemon dijon' sauce.
-I lightly seared the salmon in a frying pan, then wrapped the filet with puff pastry. Put in oven. In the same pan I seared the salmon in, I sauted onions, garlic, and shitake mushroom. I then added white wine, dijon mustard, lemon juice and fresh dill. After the puff pasty and salmon was baked I topped it with the sauce.




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BBQ'd beef brisket with pasta salad
-I marinated the brisket in a brine (salt, water, pickling spices) I then made a dry rub out of, paprika,salt,pepper,cumin,onion powder,garlic powder, and dry mustard. I than put the brisket on the grill, indirect heat for 2 hours. It turned out nice and tender and juicy.
-The pasta salad had peas,cucumber,dill,red onion, and green apple. The dressing was a mixture of ranch dressing, mustard, and mayo.

Wow. Although I am vegetarian, I have to say that sure looks good... I think I can almost smell it from here. In any case, it sure beats what I had for dinner tonight, which was handfuls of shredded cheese straight out of the bag followed by some marshmallows. Which will soon be followed by some heavy drinking!! Hahahahahaha.
Great idea for a thread!

Cooking feels like a punishment to me! I make awesome BBQ ribs with homemade BBQ sauce but that is the only thing I enjoy cooking because it doesn't need "babysitting".

I don't care for Fish but that actually looks really good..........What time is dinner?:mrgreen:
Biff, thats the dinner of champions ya got there.... I like to cook only because my wife does not cook at all. That means I get to eat whatever I want....
ssalty...i need tto get some cooking classes from you!!. that looks thats how good meals looks like...hmm..please help my up to here with those damn cheefboyardees pasta...
Haha, thanks for all the compliments.

And Hibye, nothing wrong with ramen noodles. They still are my favorites.