Somtimes cheap is better than pricy?!

So you plan on using that on your 125?

You will not be happy with the results....unless you have a real junky skimmer now. I would never waste my $ on that pos skimmer.
WEll here is the thing i show the coralife and octapuss skimmers to my dad and he was surprised to see how expensive a pieace of plastic was so he looked around for one and he showed me aquatraders skimmers and told me whats the difference and i didnt really no.
A Geo Prism and a Honda Civic are both pieces of metal that look very similar. There's a big difference in quality between brands, though. Good luck with your new skimmer though, let us know how it does.
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If it is bad (which i hope not) im sure i could make use of the pump or put the skimmer on my 30.
Also we have made a good filtration system plus a 20 that is full of plants



these are my plans.
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It's easy. I did it to my Octopus. What kind of pump do you plan on meshing? What does the impeller look like? Is it needlewheel or paddlewheel?
I dont know yet i dint order it yet( because my parents didnt have the time to order it yet.My mom went shopping yesterday and my dad was working on our broken boat
1st you need the mesh. Take the impeller out of the pump. The impeller will have 2 rows of needles. Cut off the top row. Which Octo do you have? If you have the NW200 with the OTP3000 pump, you can add 3-4 layers of mesh. Cut the mesh in a circle so it's the same diameter as the needles. Lay the cut pieces on the bottom row of needles and use either 4 tiny zip ties or fishing line to hold the mesh on the needles. What I did was held the mesh in place with the zip ties and then tied it on with fishing line, then cut off the zip ties.
The mesh will allow the pump to pull more air into the skimmer.

This is what I get in less than 2 days with my meshed Octo.

The mesh mod is a good thing on some of the less expensive skimmers, but it will need to be repeated as the mesh can get worn out and fall apart over time. I would really consider getting a skimmer like the MSX-200, it should be much better and will save you from having to get a better skimmer later. A good skimmer is going to go a long way to helping you succeed in this hobby and have an enjoyable experience. There are places where you can save a few bucks, but a good skimmer isn't one of them.