Snorkling in the Key's!


Reefing newb
well 2 years ago I was lucky enough to go snorkling in the key's (key largo florida) it was a science school trip during the summer that only certian kids got to go on (we are in TN) and it was AMAZING (snorkling wasnt the only thing we did..we just did that for 2 days out of a week long trip) but it was one of the most amazing experiencees I have ever had! It was just a small group of us (maybe 11-15 of 2 adults) and it was just awesome! the first day I used up all my pics on my camera and regret it very much! because the water was icky and I diddnt get any good shots...the second day however (after I diddnt have any pics left) we went to crystal clear water :grumble: and it had all kinds of fish/coral/saltwater life! I swam down 50 to a sand bed (it was like a big hole of sand in the middle of all kinds of live rock/coral really cool) and I was just in aww....I did however get kinda sick cause I swallowed salt water but who cares LOL! I saw too many types of corals..(at the time I diddnt know to much about corals..just the fish) but I saw a LOT of fish,...(one kid clamed he saw an octopus) and we saw a...what are they called...well its a something shark (will think of it in a min) and I saw queen angels (AWESOME) and saltwater parrotfish and damsels and I belive I saw tangs...and I saw some royal gramma's..and some other angels..I saw to many types of fish..I was in such aww I dont remember LOL but would like to know what experiences you guy's have had!
I've been diving since I was 12, I've done the Caribbean, the Pacific, and (best of all) the Red Sea. Oh, and a lake in New Hampshire once :( I grew up overseas so I was able to go diving pretty much every month in awesome exotic places. I'm a certified "Divemaster" now but live in Arizona, so I haven't been in a while...
Ive been diving in bahamas and mexico. But I live in Wisconsin so most of my diving is fresh water, but still fun. Maybe what you saw was a nurse shark, I've seen many nurse sharks while diving on vacations.
I went snorkling at molasses and pickel reef this summer off of key largo. That was a great time beautiful fish and some nice coral.
Never done it though sounds like you had a very awesome experiance and yes nurse sharks are native to the reef in fl.