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It is time. This bad boy has yet to get a skimmer, but maybe the wait was a good thing because I am now willing to spend upwards of $250-300 (less if possible) on a good, easy-to-use HOB since I do not have anywhere else to put it currently.

I was thinking of getting an AquaC Remora with MaxiJet 1200 because of all the positive things I've heard regarding it. I have heard it functions well, is easy to set up and maintain, and is pretty sturdy - All important since I'm still new at this, and don't fully grasp the concept behind everything a skimmer does and how they function, and because I have heard horror stories about set up and maintenance with other skimmers. I know there's also a Remora "pro" and different powerhead combinations for both. Any suggestions for my 46gal? I currently have some of the most basic fish and corals and would like to develop my tank further.

I found a couple links at marine depot of the one i mentioned above, and the "pro" with a rio1400. Is the pro worth the extra $?

Also, owners of Remora's, how loud are they? I have read that for the first couple weeks they are a bit noisy but once the kinks are worked out it gets better. I don't want this thing to keep me awake every night :oP Unfortunately, the way the house is set up you can hear quite a bit from the room where the tank is set up.

Definitely open to suggestions. Thank you!
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I wouldn't get a AquaC Remora, they just aren't that good. I had one that performed fairly well, but they just don't perform as well as some of the other HOB's that are available. The Deltec MCE300 would be a good choice, its within your price range and is easy to setup and use. It will do much better than the AquaC remora or remora pro.
The Remora Pro used to be the best for the money when it came to HOB skimmers, but like McCrary pointed out, others have come out in recent years that perform better. I had a Remora Pro on my 55 gallon tank for years (and then moved it on to my 240 until I could afford a bigger skimmer), and I loved it, and based on my experience, I'd say it's a good skimmer, but I have not used any of the other HOB skimmers since, so I don't have any experience with any of the newer ones.
Thanks to both for your help. Sorry so late on the reply message. I recently made the decision to splurge a little bit and get the Deltec MCE 600. This way I will be able to move it onto or into the sump once I become daring enough to upgrade to later tank with a sump.

I'm pretty excited because I heard that it's a pretty decent skimmer.

Tips for those looking at Deltec's : think euro!!! I ordered mine off a UK/german based site and even with the ridiculous shipping fees I still saved over $150 compared to American sites. woot woot
Great decision, that is a good HOB and should do the job, a good skimmer is the basis for a good tank and will help to better ensure your success.
Thanks, everyone. Joeman, thanks for the link. I am using the transformer route, as it seems like that will be better than replacing the pump, at least until I get the skimmer and see if I have further options. Your link really helped.

Yote, if you think you can't read the German on the site, you should have seen the emails I got from the sales rep when I ordered. At least you had pics to go by when surfing the site... Apparently they wanted to know if I wanted the European model, and alls I can say in German is... "that is hot" (Das ist heiß), you are hot (Du bist heiß) and chewing gum (Kauengummi)...

Let's just say the skimmer FINALLY shipped Friday.

I'll update once I get the unit running! Auf Wiedersehen!
In that case, here's one more for your list.. the most important one:

"Ein grosses Bier bitte!" Or "Zwei grosse Bier bitte!" if you're drinking with a friend :-)

glad the link helped.