sixline wrasse


Reefing newb
I've read that wrasses might eat shrimp. Is this true? I have 2 peppermint shrimp and i wanted to eventually get skunk cleaner shrimp and fire shrimp. Another question: Can all 3 species of those kinds of shrimp get along well? Will they be aggressive to their own species?
Wrasse can go after shrimp, so you will need to decide if you can live with the potential loss of a shrimp or two. But all the shrimp should live just fine together.
If your looking at the six-line like the title says,your shrimp should be fine. Most of the time,the shrimp are to large for a six-line to go after.
Now a Bird Wrasse or Dragon Wrasse would be a different story.
I've heard it helps to have the shrimp first, then add the sixline.
I've had a sixline in with my skunk cleaner shrimp for, oh geez, 8 months now? No problems. I happen to have a very sweet, and small, sixline. My shrimp is double his size.
I'm with Sarah... I have a sixline that I added after the shrimp that has been doing great. He is a lot smaller than the shrimp but everyone is happy and healthy. He's been in there for about 4 months,
CB also counts as a "cleaner" shrimp. There are a lot of fish that won't go after shrimp with white antennae. At least not right away. Just because he hasn't eaten the shrimp yet doesn't mean he won't.