Sale at Chicago Reptile House


Not sure if I should have this in Off Topic or Vendor Evaluation. So if needed, yote or biff please move.

I went to my LFS today to get some RO water and they are having a sale today and tomarrow. Fish and inverts 25% off. 20% off frozen food, 20% off lighting and 10% off tanks. So only planning on spending 5 bucks, I end up spending 65:shock: Got 2 osceleris clowns, a zoa frag and a feather duster. Pics probably tomarrow after they acclimate and lights come back on:mrgreen:

Just wanted anyone on the south side of Chicago to know about it. (Lookin at you Smitty)It is on John Humphery Dr. south of 143rd on your way to Orland Mall.
Thanks Bj...I may go tomorrow, since my back surgery is monday, and ill be bed bound for awhile. Is there a sale on corals also? That's what I'm focusing on now.