Ro/di heeeeeeeellllppp


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This is like my 2nd or 3rd post looking for someone with a system or someone who can help me decided what to buy.

I just want a decent system that does about 100GPD and doesn't need a ton of extra parts to work.

Basically ready to run when delivered and installed. I am going to hang it in the garage and run lines to where we have a sink in the laundry room,

I have folled a few links from other threads but one has add ons in the listing for the system and all this stuff I don't understand.
I would get this from Filter Guys:

And add this:

That way you also get the TDS meter and flush valve.

If that's too expensive, just get this one:
$135.00 - OCEAN WAVE FIVE STAGE 75 GPD RO/DI , and add the 100gpd membrane, and dual TDS meter. You want the TDS meter so you know your system is working as it should.

I'd also recommend the flush kit and gauges, so you can extend the life of your filters, and check that you're getting the right pressure. Hence the reason I recommend just getting the $199 one, because you get all that and a bigger DI canister.
This will also help:

[ame=]YouTube - How to Select an RODI Unit[/ame]
It says it comes with the Flush valve and TDS Meter in the list of features but when i add it to cart it has no option to let me add the $5 for the
100 GPD FILMTEC MEMBRANE OPTIONAL - $5but if you look it up on their site it is $50 by itself.
I think you're over thinking it. You can't go wrong with either setup, but the $200 one has nearly everything you need. If you HAVE to have the 100gpd, just get the 150gpd unit for $265. I can't find it on there either so they may have removed it, and I doubt it's $5 like they say.

Doesn't get much cheaper or more plug and play than that.
sorry guys just had a quick question not tryna hijack a thread.

Zissou u got me very interested in a system, im planing on getting this system

Water Saver RO/DI

he explains that a regular ro/di system will waste 4 gallons to every 1gallon made, but i was wondering how much does a 2 membrane waste? 3 gallons to every 1 made?
Ok so I got the $ 199.00 - OCEAN REEF + 1 FIVE STAGE 75 GPD RO/DI from The Filter Guys.

I ended up calling and talking to Jim. Really nice guy and he said he has a bunch of tanks and one is a 200 Gallon Cube.

I was soooo jealous. I really want that style where it is totally open all the way around. Maybe if I can afford a service for my tank hahah to make sure it is crystal clear and healthy.

So anyway he said he doesn't recommend or I mean sell the system with the 100GPD membrane already installed because it lowers the rejection rate from 98% to 90% making the water not as clean. That is why it is an add on.

Plus I will never need more water than it can make anyway so I just got a complete filter/resin replacement set up and a 3/8 piping for when I put the sink back on where this is going so it connects easily with no hassels.

Cost me $282 which includes shipping so now I can have good fish water and good drinking water.