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So I read that there are a lot of DOAs of corals and fish from reefs2go and they don't exactly have the greatest customer service. But has anyone ordered the pod pack from them before? How was it? And how big are the amphipods? On their website the video of the amphipods in the bags are disgusting, they are like half a centimeter big or something.
I have only bought pods local, I did get some frag coral packs from them and they shipped when they werent suppose to however. I talked to them and told them that my order sat in a box for a extra 12 hours because of the screw up and half the stuff died. They re shipped the entire order not just what died. In my book that was a better then expected fix. I will order from them again in the future.
It seems like some people have a great experience with them, while others do not. As far as pods go, I don't know of anyone that has specific experience. I've ordered inverts from them during one of the black friday sales they had. I had a LOT of DOA's, but to me it just wasn't worth the hassle of trying to deal with them for replacements. I should have ordered from John over at ReefCleaners like I have done in past...
I can't speak to pods or frag coral packs. But I can talk about zoas. I ordered about seven zoas from them. When I got them, I suspected that they were all DOA. But I did what I was supposed to--floated them in their bag in the water they were to go in to get the temp right, etc. It didn't look like anything had changed by the next day, but thinking that bugs were bothering them, I dipped them. In the rinse water I could see tiny red bugs that apparently didn't die because they were moving around...and a whole lot that did die. After a week I contacted them and after a little discussion they resent my order. I got those this last Wednesday and they looked identical to the first batch. Still I'm going through the process. They are in quarantine in excellent water, 77 degrees, etc. and they have not improved. I have used other on-line venders and never had this problem. I will be contacting them this weekend to tell them that the zoas, as far as I'm concerned, are dead. I will give it until next Wednesday before I have my final decision on them. I don't expect them to refund my money...and will take this as an expensive loss and never order from them again.
This is the very sort of thing that causes people to leave the hobby for good which does NO ONE any good. I hope they do right by you Carmen. I'd have hand picked specimens if the first ones didn't do well. Do you have a picture of the "red bugs" you're talking about? It seems they have a bad name all over the internet.
Thanks Aquarian and ReeferRob. I don't plan on quitting. I don't expect a refund, and I don't want anymore of their zoas. I couldn't hand pick myself as I live in Washington State and they are in Florida. It's okay. They will not get any more money from me. I sent them an email yesterday stating I wouldn't do business with them anymore, and if anyone asks about them as a vendor that I would share my story. So while I didn't get what I paid for, I will never refer any business their way, either. It's all good. I'm over it and am resigned to losing the money. I'm not mad, just disappointed and like I said, will never do business with them again.
i had a doa rose bubble tip they dont refund your money back but they give you a gift card less 10% and it took them almost a month to get the gift card
i had a doa rose bubble tip they dont refund your money back but they give you a gift card less 10% and it took them almost a month to get the gift card

Ridiculous. I would be interested in seeing their facility. Probably in a dark garage somewhere. Anything you reorder because of an earlier DOA would be just as bad. At least that was my experience. Finally threw out the zoas yesterday. Despite my misgivings I gave them a week in clean saltwater, warm temps and light. Again nothing. It was a waste of 10 gallons of good saltwater
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the pods are about the only thing i would buy from them,the pods are really quite large and there are alot of them,i always wait for the 1000 pods buy one get one free,sometimes they have 250 pods free so i enf up with a pile of pods