red stuff on the rocks/ glass

My tank has been up a year. prior to this happening my tank looked stunning no algae or anything but this red stuff was on the glass a little bit , i don't do very many water changes, until recently since this stuff has started to grow on all my rocks and glass and i have dead spots on the surface in corners and it stays there as well.any ideas from the pics what it is ?


Looks like cyano.

How old are your bulbs? How many fish? What do you feed?

And i would start doing more frequent water changes to remove nutrients from the water column. And then you can suck that stuff up when you do the changes
i only feed mysis, bulbs around 6 months old, 3 fish should i start sucking that stuff out ? also should i add something like roaphos ?
what would be a good amount of water to change without being to drastic a week ?i have been doing 5 gallons a week haven't changed my flow at all and have never had a problem before .
Maybe pick it up to 10 gals a week and suck out everything you can when do the water change.

I would also pick up the flow because you have an issue now, and change the bulbs.
ok thanks i will have to order some stuff with my order tommarow, would an under rated skimmer be the problem to ? i am using a skimmer that would be rated for probably a 16 g allon tank
Ya, that could be part of it. You usually try to get a skimmer rated for twice your tank volume.

Personally i would stay away from the chemical stuff that kills that, i dont know how well it works, and the stuff that survives that is generally even harder to kill then before.
It could be bad RO water. Where are you getting it from? When were the filters and membrane changed out? Pull 10 gallons out, keep that in a bucket. If you can, pull the rocks and scrub them down in the old water, and replace in your tank. Add another power head, or 2.