Rare shark caught on video. YOU HAVE GOT TO WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!

Dang! Thank thing is weird looking. Kinda like those dragons you see in chinese new years parades! I wonder if it's a really old species or something recently mutated.
No it old they say it hasnt changed much since the jurassic times. The reason its soo rare is becuase it live 2000 feet in the ocean, so its not seen much. It makes me wounder what else is down there.
Doesnt it say real small next to the tiny pic play video? I just looked again and it does for me.
Yeah, they said it hasn't evolved in over 50 million years... (It hasn't had to -- it lives so deep in the ocean that its surroundings and habitat haven't changed). Talk about a living fossil.
Yeah, they find weird stuff around there I guess? That dolphins' limbs transitioned into flippers has been known for a while though, "Fossil remains show dolphins and whales were four-footed land animals about 50 million years ago and share common ancestors with hippopotamuses and deer." (That's from the article).

If you look at the skeletal structure of whale and dolphin fins, they have the exact same bones and structure as other mammals' hands/paws. It's pretty cool.