Question about cycling a tank

It doesn't really matter. Having the lights on may kick start an algae bloom, but you'll probably get some algae in the beginning anyways.
That is why I asked about the lights could be good, could be bad if it is strip lights then I would, if it is in the form of vhos or halides then I would not.
Most of the time,running lights more than 2 or 3 hours a day during the cycle will cause all kinds of algae.But like Biff said,Once you get livestock in there and start running the lights full time you'll probably have the algae any way.
I cycled my tank with the lights one...but they were just fluorescent bulbs... 35 watts or something. If I had to do it all over again, I would still cycle the tank with my lights on, even with my VHO's or metal halides. I'd just rather get the algae bloom over with :) If you are cycling with a fish or 2 in the tank you might want to give them a sense of day and night. Another thing to consider is that not all nitrifying bacteria grows in the dark... there is beneficial bacteria that needs light to thrive. Hope this helps. Good luck!