Project5k and the new 75Gal salt tank

well just a short update, ever since i hung my zoa rock where the crabs cant get to it, the little light blue zoas have really started to perk up, the green ones arent really getting any bigger yet, but at least thier not dissappearing now, so i guess it musta been the bluelegged crabs...
the swinging motion? it dosent really swing, it does spin slowly back and forth, back and forth, what do you mean maybe its the swinging motion?
not really, it more spins than sways, and its not like its spinning like a top or anything, i havent actually seen it make a full revolution, its more like it'll turn about a third, kinda pause, start backwards, then go another 1/3 the way around, then come back 1/3 and so forth, but not really much of any pendulum motion at all...
ok, so its time for an update, after getting laid off and walked out, i've got more time on my hands, not to mention that they sent me this fat check for the rest of the hours and stuff that i would have worked for the rest of the year, so... i got a new frag shelf, some powerheads, a couple more light bulbs and stuff... heres the pics for the update.. i havent installed the new light bulbs yet,, so what i have in there right now is a t5 - 420, a t5 - 460, 2 PC 50/50 10k/actinic, and 2 PC 10k's
the 2 new t5's that i got and dont have in there yet are going to replace one or the other set of PC's i just havent decided yet...


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yes, yes it is, got it home, pulled it out of the package, and promptly took it to the belt sander and took the back corner off so it will fit in the curved front corner of my tank, should i ever wanna put it there....
yea i wish i had taken more pictures as i built everything, but i'm real bad about remembering to stop and take progress pictures, i get so involved in getting it done...

well, now that i have real power heads and not the harbor freight pumps(i changed them cause of heat) i'm using less electricity to move the water, but now the heater runs more, so, eh whatever, the tank looks less cluttered this way, so i'm happy about that... i really expected the flow on thoes k1's to be stronger, more of a stream, but it's a lot more scattered of an output pattern... i have the flow directors, i just gotta play with them and get them all aimed just how i want them...

i will say this, since i pulled the glass tops off and went to the canopy, i'm evaping about a gallon a day now, instead of about a half each day... i'm sure that has some to do with more agitation on the surface of the water, and more air flow, cause the canopy has a 4" fan pulling heat up and out the top...
i guess you haven't read my entire thread then, i already have a home brew one using a timer and fountain pump from harbor freight and a automatic water bowl for dogs... hehehehe


I got the blue tang for a couple reasons, one was cause i just noticed a little tuft of hair algae starting in the DT, and 2 cause i know the wife allways wanted a nemo and a dori... and then i got the giant feather duster cause i have so many of the little ones, it seemed reasonable that i could successfully keep a bigger one, and look how awesome he is!

not to mention that i think my pictures are coming out much better now that i have all my lights in!!


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the bulbs i have in there, in no particular order is
1 420
1 460
NVE Point:
1 coral wave
1 sun wave
1 red wave
1 454
1 Super actinic
1 Colormax

the reason for the mix is this, when i started working on my t5 canopy i tried a new store, and they only had sps, so cause they were cheaper than any other stores round here, i got em, if for nothing else, to test and measure to install the bulb connectors...

then i had some allowance, so i went to my good lfs, and got the coral wave and the red wave, and used thoes in combination with my PC bulbs that i was phasing out, and then night before last when i was working on rewiring the canopy (the wife has to help me set it up on the tank and take it down and she's getting tired of having to help me) so anyway she suggested i just go get the rest of the bulbs i needed and do one wiring job instead of doing just a couple at a time... so i did.. hehehe

anyway, thanks guys, i'm trying to do the best i can with what i have to work with... i'm watching my new blue hippo tang and i'm seeing a couple wee itsy bitsy little white spots on one side, i'm worried, but guess i'll have to wait and see if its what i'm afraid it is...

that'd be my luck tho...
no biggie, so my nass snails arrived this morning!!!

rinsed them off per the instructions, and now thier in my handy danday jug getting dripped....

that looks like a bunch more than the 20 i ordered,,, hehehehe


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