Official Muck-Muck Thread


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Okay this is for all who want to just shoot the :D and have a little fun. No topic just kinda like a "chat" but one at a time. No serious subjects just plain MUCK-MUCK.
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Wow. Judging from the overwhelming response, I'd have to dub your "Official Muck-Muck Thread" an epic fail!! ;)
ACK ACK on the MUCK MUCK Thread.

But no one ever goes there and if we joke around on other threads we get scolded with muck-muck remarks. It takes away the fun somehow. And the muck-muck thread won't work because it's just not natural. Having fun is spontaneous, at least it used to be.
well this one is the official one and that one i posted a link to isnt so i guess they are actually different
I think dcan is still in hidding from the tabbaco argument he had with biff lastnight:frustrat:. Still licking his wounds :bowdown:
what is muckmuck? i only know it as stuf in the bottom of tank. is this a chat thread.
yes its a thread made for any subject since most of our off topics usually get sidetracked someone made this muck muck thread to just shoot the :pooh:
hey Justin. If i do decide to get Biffs tank in july would you still be willing to bring it down to me. Im only about 10 hours north of you. And will the Tang :sfish:still be part of the offer. Couldnt figure out how to get in touch with you so I had to use the muck muck thread ha ha. I am really interested in the tank if everything goes according to my evil plans. (trying to deceive the wife into letting me get it):Cheers: