Octopus hang-on-back skimmer : Bh-100f for sale

Thats a great skimmer...I own one and whoever buys it should be very happy...when you pull out the collection cup on that...does it hold water, or leak out bottom...mine leaks back into bubble chamber and pretty sure its not supposed too...I highly recomend this skimmer...i think i dropped my cup opening the box...good luck selling it, its worth it....
Yes, Pokerfish, this is a great skimmer.
It works perfect and doesn't leak at all. You probably have a small crack in yours from the drop like you stated. I think you can buy replacement parts from Coralvue.
Cool thanks, thought so...your not gonna find a better skimmer than that for the price...I did my research and there are lots of testimonials that the reef octopus blows away the Remora and the cpr bakpak.....mine pulls junk out of my 55 like crazy...plus yours comes with the filter media chamber...a great deal...:sfish:
Hi StickShifty....yes, still have it.
Send me a PM with your email address and I will send you a paypal inovice.
$75.00 with free UPS ground.