New to Salt Water Fish Tank & new to Forum


Reefing newb
Hi all
Just want to drop a line here. Never had a salt water fish tank and been
reading and learning for a few of months, just to see what it is going to be the
effort and cost. (will try to make a fantastic FT with out breaking the bank)

I will be installing a 250 or 300 gls. fish tank, not sure if I'm going to purchase a
used one or to build me one to specific size.

I usually like to learn and " do it myself ". so a lot of help and answers are going to be
need it.
Thanks in advance, and looking forward to the community and the forum

Best .
I am pretty new myself, but I welcome you.

I am building my first aquarium and this forum has been priceless in the help they offer. I ventured into this with a similar requirement: build a cool tank and don't blow my budget:) With the help of the people on here you'll save a lot of time and money and get a great aquarium.
Welcome to the site Ed. Ask whatever you like and/or need help with. Lots of knowledgeable folks here willing to help you out.
Thanks for the warm welcome
Looking forward To the Forum
So far Looks like I will be geting a 300 gll
Tank that one Of My clients is giving me
as part of the payment
Equipment and all. Not sure is the best set up
But will post it next week to see how to improve it
If need it.
5'w'x4'hx2'd. 3 sets of different lights etc...
Will need to build custom stand or furniture to
Insatlled in my house.
I getting this tanks because is a super deal
I'm trading some of the furniture that I sold him
We are discounting $3000 off the balance due
(my real cost is half of that )
Will kept looking for info and posting
Have all a heat weekend
Welcome to the site, this is a great site to meet enthusiasts and to get a lot of help with your new tank. Good luck with it!!