New to LF - Need help raisin' ma fishes


Reef enthusiast
Hi Yall,

Looking at starting back up with a mini tank, I used to have 60g, maybe something 30g would be good to start with?

What would you stock it with, corals, fish?

Yes I know, I should screw the little tank and go straight to 500g, where do I sign?
With a 30, you can pretty much have anything except tangs, large angels, some large wrasses, triggers, etc...almost all small fish would do well if they are compatible. As for corals, you can have anything your lighting can support.
I know they aren't the "Flashy" fish in the trade but they are the durable fish, I do enjoy the damsels and Clowns are a member of the damsel family. A pair of clowns would be nice in that size with a few dark blue damsels and a yellow goby. Would give yo nice color and an easy tank to care for over time. As for corals, go with the softies in a smaller tank as the hards will be harder to grow out to a decent size.