New Pics 44 gal pent.


Rockin Reefers!
figured id post some pics up and see what you guys think, only a few but enjoy!

fish: 4 green chromis, 1 blue devil damsel, 1 yellowtail damsel
2 rock urchins (awesome guys to watch)
bunch of hermits (scarlet, blue legged etc...)
handfull of snails (turbo, margarita etc...)


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tank has been set up for 2 months or so, just added more cured rock and aquascaped it differently, here is a pic of the original set up


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just a emperor 400 power filter, aqualife 115 skimmer, basic stuff for now, working on plans to build a acrylic sump for in the odd shaped cabinet, currently got layed off so lots of time to stare at the tank, just not much extra cash, oh well haha
Aquascaping looks good man, i just added new rock too.

whats up with the two old guys in the tank on the left, you must have to do a water change everyday for that one :pooh:
thanks again guys, both of us have been learning so much on here and it seems like a great group of people compared to other forums we checked out, thanks again!
we like it, only problem is its over top of white gravel, bad planning on our part but oh well, hopefully add another inch or so one of these days
I used it for a couple of years in both of my tanks, but changed it in June after getting tired of trying to keep it clean.


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