need cuc advice


Reefing newb
Hey guys!!
I'm glad to report that I got a Blue Eyed Kole Tang. Unfortunately, I have never seen anything poop so much. It has chosen the right corner to leave heaping piles of poop in and I fear I may be coming into a detritus problem. What can I get that will take care of this? In my 75, I currently have:
-large cleaner shrimp
-large peppermint shrimp
-3 1.5inch turbo snails
-med emerald crab
-10 med crabs (scarlet red, blue legged, red legged)
-2 or 3 nassarius snails
You could probably add a couple more snails. Probably about 3-5. Other then that, I think your OK. How much flow do you have in your tank? Sounds like not enouph.
I have almost 40x flow, but the poop is so big that it doesn't get taken into the current until some crabs break it up. 3-5 more nassarius? I had like 10 in my 30gal before I switched over to the 75. They barely did anything to get rid of detritus. They just died off till there was only 4. I thought of trying a few of the super tongan nassarius, but haven't seen them in stores for months.
I'll give the nass another try, but I think I'm gonna have to wait on the turbos. My tank has very little algae as it is. I have to feed the turbos a sheet of algae weekly. If I can get some super nass, how many would you say I should go with?
seems your on right now anyways... wanna hop into chat? lol

Edit* hope I helped yah out! :)
Last edited: I'm thinking I should add half a dozen nassarius snails, a brittle star, and maybe a tigertail cucumber. Does anyone have a tigertail, and how good of a job do they do? What do they need to survive?
i would be careful with any cucumber because if it dies itll bury itself in the sand and youll never find it and youll have a bad nitrate problem
Skip the sea cucumber and get a pair of starfish instead. Brittle stars or serpent stars. They are some of the best animals for cleaning up detritus like fish poop.