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So will this fish be ok with the rest of the community especially the other Wrasse. They do not even look the same to me like in the same family but I guess they are.

It kinda sounded like you were interested in it...

I was looking at a 265 with stand for $800 but it is to much tank for me.

I think that's an awesome deal. If I were looking for a large tank I would definitely go with that. 265 could probably keep a vlamingi tang, and I think those are really cool...
Whatever dude. I picked the lines out of the statement that made you sound like you don't care. The info on LA is there for a reason, so that you as a hobbyist know what you are getting into before you buy something.

Going by your signature you have been in the hobby one day! I know that's not true, but I also don't get the impression that you are seasoned enough to include an "Expert Care" fish into a system regardless of current size, or expected upgrade size.

As for me, I don't say anything to make myself "sound cool" as you put it. I tell you from my own experience, the same way I would tell a friend or relative that had the same question regarding this particular fish.
+1 Fast - you've posted some very helpful responses to questions that I've asked. With 4000+ posts you know a thing or two about this hobby....
Again you picked one line that I wrote because I have seen corals that say expert care that Biff told me were not an expert coral.

The whole statement clearly shows that I was not going to get the fish anyway but questioned how they can rate something expert when some people do it for years and still are not experts and some people learn fast.

I never one time said you don't know but I think I have done well in the short time I have been doing this and feel that I could care for anything if told how to.

That is why I don't care about the care level until I see the care it requires. I will then decide how hard it is. I have easy corals and moderate corals but in the tank they both take the same care and I find it a cinch.

I read enough bad stories to decide against it no matter what. The stories reminded me of Idol Fish stories. It is almost luck in a way.
+1 Fast - you've posted some very helpful responses to questions that I've asked. With 4000+ posts you know a thing or two about this hobby....
kiss ass!:D:D just kidding..

Northstar how hard is your Potter angel to keep? I love these fish but have stayed away due to difficulty.
A nano is WAY to small for a Potters. Most potters dont do very well, and perish in the first few days after captivity. I happened to find one at a LFS here that had been in the store for 3 months so it had survived capture / acclimation very well. There is a lot of info on WWM about them if you're intersted, but I'd sugguest 100+ gallons with mature live rock

This is one fish where I feel the tank size on Live Aquaria is off. I do not think a Potters would do well in a small tank
Again this is not about his credit it is about him posting one line to make it look like I didn't listen and don't care.

If anything he should also get credit for being unfair and trying to lie about my true statement.

I know he knows more than I do but I also said I wasn't going to get the fish in that same post but you would not know that by his line picking quote.

Plus all I said was is that I would decide how hard it is by seeing what their care is so big frigin deal.
Look. You asked for opinions about the fish (as well as the Chromis). You were given said opinions, and told not just by me, but in type straight from Live Aquaria that those fish are and expert level care fish.

I responded to the first part of that post due to what you said. Basically what you said gives the impression that you feel the people that dive for these fish, raise these fish, and have bio degrees related to these fish are full of crap. Regardless of what was said afterwards your strongest statement was your first paragraph.

There really is no need to debate the subject any longer in open forum. You asked for advice, were given advice, let it lie. Do what you want to do with your tank.

Oh, and apparently it's not just me that has given you advice in the past since also in your rant you said something about the Hippo moving in 2 weeks.
As far as your question about the wrasse goes ... The reason they are listed on LA as expert only is because when leopard wrasses are caught and sold they are almost always infected with some sort of internal parasite and need to be treated for them. Sounds easy enough but, from everything I read before I got mine, Leopards don't do well in QT and often stress/die during treatment. Now, if you are lucky enough to either get a healthy one or successfully treat them you have to deal with the fact that they usually only eat live foods. Some are easier to train to eat frozen then others (I still have one leopard that will only pick at the frozen foods, not really eating them yet).
I have got plenty of advice but to me you were not cool how you go about it. Yeah you said it first and then come back with your not surprised line which is a smart ass remark and I don't put up with that. We are not friends like that.

I am sure you have so much on me that you can pass judgement on what I do. My tank is fine from top to bottom and with some advice here and elsewhere so stick to advice and not the follow up craptalk like I am brainless and always do the wrong thing.

Two months on the hippo pal.

Thanks BL1
Hmmmm, I'm wondering, maybe your beloved Dr. Phil would have given you the green light to do what you feel compelled to do with out thinking of the well being and health of the animal you are in love at first sight with?
You are ridiculous, seriously. All this because you are a loud mouth and like to say stuff to people with no reason.

I am sure you are referring to Dr. Tim. Are you jealous because real Marine Biologist at the aquariums use his stuff and you just cant handle it. Say what you want but the stuff works.

Some moderator you are.

I don't care what you say about what I do because I am trying to learn stuff and I learned you are a punk loud mouth with no respect for people and then say they don't listen to advice.

Still waiting for that list you have of me not listening......... oh I think I hear crickets...
Wow. I think everyone here needs to chill the crap out.

And Phastroh, Wade has experience in this hobby most of us can only hope for. I would listen to what he has to say to you, even if you think he's being a "punk loud mouth".
I'm done dude, really. Do what you want. As for name calling, please be very careful what you say. I have not resorted to name calling, and expect the same respect from you.
Oh I have no problem listening I just don't care for his LMAO comment as if I am an idiot.

That is the root of it all.

I already said he know a lot and all that I just don't like the disrespect and someone saying I don't care about the animals.

Its not true and I came here to learn not to be subjected to that stuff.
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