My Trip to the Bahamas

I think some of my favorite pics are the ones of the ocean. Around here, the water is all brown and full of silt(and other things:pooh:) So the deep blue is just facinating to me.
Looks like you had an awesome time. My husband and I have been wanting to take a cruise but haven't been able to decide which one to go on.
I highly recomend Disney Cruise Lines. It was the first cruise that my wife and I went on. We too a 4 night 5 day since we werent sure how we would handle the ocean. The ship was kept clean and they even handed out alcohol wipes to wipe you hands outside of the dining areas. Every one working there was wonderful also. We are planning a 7 night Alaskan cruise in a few years now because we loved this one so much!!!!

Disney also offers Cruises in to different Islands in the Carrabean, over in the Medditeranean, a Cross Atlantic Cruise, and a European cruise. So they have tons of options for you.