My Lawnmower Blenny is running out of hair algae.


Reefing newb
What can I feed him that I could buy at my local fish store?
I know I used to feed my tangs romanian lettuce that I would dangle in the tank, which was fun. I'd like to do that, but I don't know if that would work the same since the lawnmower is a blenny and not a tang.

Any advice?
Unfortunately, LMB are notoriously difficult to get eating prepared foods. I would try rubber banding algae sheets to your rocks and see if he eats it. Also, if you feed frozen food, soak it in garlic and put some in where he hangs out so hopefully he'll eat some of that too.
Mine does too. I put my hand in there and he's ready whether or not I've got food lol. It all just depends on the fish. Good luck though!
Mine's run out of algae also, banding seaweed has worked and also i've fed 1mm marine pellets and he's gobbled them up.