Long time no sea....


Hey everyone! It's been forever and half since I have been around and very active, like 2012ish? Life got real busy with grad school, but I am almost done and looking forward to getting back into it. Just wondering who is still around and looking forward to meeting the new people around. I'm busying planning the dream tank and excited to see what news equipment wise (ie lighting and programable powerheads).
Veterinary medicine! And it has taken me on quite the state school tour. Colorado State University --> North Carolina State University --> Kansas State University. I'm almost done with my residency at Kansas and getting ready to move to New Mexico and actually get a job.
It's been a long time since I've been here too! hahaha.

Back in the hobby at least, good to see your still well
@little_fish! I was hoping to see some old faces! I think the forums pretty much fell apart after I left sometime around 2012; everyone else seemed to lose time or interest around then. I'm hoping to get back into it some day but it may be another year or two.

Congrats on getting so close to finishing! Good luck!
Well, I have a 75 gallon tank sitting in my garage waiting on the basement remodel that is going on 2 years to complete to get installed. But life has gotten in the way as usual
Lilfish!!! Congrats on your pending completion! I broke down my tank years ago when my foxface died. Rehomed everyone and took it all down. Holding on to some of my equipment because you never know.

Right now though I'm kept busy with a bratty blue and gold macaw lol
Lol! How is life with a flying can opener? At least the fish cant poop on the carpet! I've got two cats and I expect life is going to an escalating battle field to keep them out of the tank.

I'm figuring I'll be getting one of those nice all in one kits they are making these days so I don't have any excuse to not get going again. Although that will probably negate the equipment I've been so carefully saving :)
LOL can opener. SO true. She is a freaking brat and we love her to bits!!! Spoiled rotten and a huge cuddlebug. Although lately, we haven't paid as much attention to her since we are getting the house ready for sale and have been busy with it so we've been letting her watch youtube bird videos all day. :ROFLMAO: Thanks to my fishtank experience with PVC, I'm a pro at making her toys and gyms with the pvc.

I've kept my skimmer, led lights, and my RODI. Some things you just can't toss.