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I just wanted to let everyone know that I started upgrading Living Reefs to the newest version of vBulletin last weekend. I should have it completed this weekend (Hopefully!). We will temporarily loose some functions... journals & the glossary will be temporarily down for a few weeks while the authors of those modules are still working on the new version, none of the data will be lost in either of them but will not be accessible till the upgraded modules come out. I am looking forward towards the new version, it has some great new features that I think everyone will find exciting. Anyone have any questions?

Quick Update...

I have 2 weeks left of travel then I will be free! In two weeks I will be colocating a new web server (Sun v100) in Atlanta. I feel like the forums current hosting provider has done a fair job but has been causing to many problems lately. After we have done the colocation I will be moving Living Reefs to the new server.

Thanks For All That You Do To Continue To Improve The Site. Cant Wait For The New Version.
Thanks for everything this site has came along very nicely since I found it under yahoo search engine.Keep it coming.
Also is the spell checker down? I neeed it! I am sure everyone can tell
Latest Update... SHEEESH I have a new job at a 20 million dollar a year company in Georgia as the CTO... I picked the title myself since I am the ONLY tech guy in the company. I have been designing them a new network, etc. HERE is the good part... we are putting in some nice Sun Solaris web servers colocated in Atlanta, like I was talking about earlier. SO Living Reefs will be moving to them in the near future, not as quick as I was hopeing... but hey it will be free! The colo is going to have a 4 mega bit connection and I will have total control of the servers, we should FLY! PAtients my friends thats the key here... i'm saying that more for myself than anyone else :).

P.S. Thanks to everyone for being such great members of the forum. I am very proud to have started such a great place and could not have done it with out all of your participation. Now that I have a geek job I should be able to spend more time online and working on this place, starting to get dusty... :)