lights for a 30 gallon aquarium?

starting a 30 gallon saltwater aquarium at home needing to get the lights so i can hold corals in my tank. what whattage do you recommend for a 30 gallon? Should they be metal halide?
I have a 30g tank. It's a tall version, so the footprint is 24" x 12" and it's 24" tall

I am using T5 HO lighting. I have (6) bulbs @ 24w each. That's 144w total.

I grow LPS, zoas, polyps and mushrooms. I could probably grow SPS, but I am not interested in SPS corals, so I'll probably never know.

I bought this light:
Catalina Aquarium

It comes with bulbs, moonlight LEDs and a remote control timer. It has individual reflectors for each bulb. Thats VERY important. Individual reflectors help focus the light much better than a single reflector for all 6 lights. The bulbs are cheap, but they worked for over a year before I replaced them. Corals grew just fine under the stock bulbs.

I replaced the bulbs with a combination of UV, Geissman and Coralife bulbs. My corals have REALLY taken on a much better color since the bulb change. I don't know if it was the higher quality bulbs or the fact that I changed the spectrum to a little bit more blue. Maybe a combination of better quality lights AND the color change?