LED lighting ideas


Reefing newb
So know there are a TON of LED threads on here, but decided on posting one up specific for my tank. Tank is a 6 month old mixed reef in its infancy, have some mushroom, buttons, 2 toadstool frags and a few damsel and chromi. Dimensions are 60"L x 20"W x 24"T. Currently running 3x 80W T5HO (Figi Purple, True Actinic, and AquaBlue Special) and 3 MR16 Blue Mix LED floods.

My idea for lighting is to keep 2 of the T5HO (Figi and aquire a Coral Purple) and add:
Combo #1- Reef Brite XHO 50/50= 2x 24" the 60" would be nice, but a little outside my price range
-Not sure if I will need more Actinic or not with the XHO's output

Combo #2- TrueLumen Pro 50/50= 2x 24"
TtueLumen Pro Deep Blue Actinic= 1x 36"

I have personally seen reef setups that use both, and am looking for some more input into setups. Eventually will be running mostly softies with a few SPS, not looking into getting in on the hardcore SPS or LPS. Any and all input/critics appreciated.
Well, i dont know what to say. Usually you go all or nothing besides accent lighting in led... My concern would be that your t5 would burn out quicker than leds changing the lighting needs of coral. Your running softies so its not a big deal but you will still have the overhead with cost on running t5s and changing the bulbs. I really dont know what you are acheiving by doing this, but i wish the best. Good luck
I'm getting the reefbreeders photon48 that just came out. They're very inexpensive. I'm planning to get two for my 165 long reef
I like the reefbreader photon series! I'm going to get four photon 24's for my setup I can't wait! They're reasonable prices too!

I'm on a hunt for an LED set up for my 60gallon tank and i check out this photon series your talking about and it looks pretty good!!!:bounce:

Is there anyone out there currently using one???? Or any other recommended fixtures?!