Last Summer Dive in West Palm

I went diving in West Palm Beach, FL last summer. I decided to post some pictures we took underwater. They were taken with a cheap camera so they are washed out with blue, not enough flash.

Good Vis

Looks like you had much better vis than we did. My son and I went down to west palm in January and the vis was almost as bad as your Tenn river dive. The hurricanes wreaked havoc with even the bottom of the ocean. "Dust" was everywhere and still hadn't settled out. We didn't get to do any off shore, no one was going out with the poor vis. We dove Jupiter inlet where we generally have great success gathering inverts and fishes but we had very limited success. I think we brought back three fishes. I should have journeled them because I don't even remember. The best aspect of the trip was the devastation and debris which cover the area where a mangrove forest used to be at Walton Rocks beach. The storms have washed ashore so much of the rock and millions, no exageration, millions of shells and shell fragments. If anyone is interested I'll post some pictures of the bounty of shell and interesting rock. The rock isn't "live rock". I call it virgin live rock. It is natural reef rock that is conditioned by the surf and makes great aqua scape. When placed in a mini reef the critters and algae existing in the system love the new virgin territory and move in to set up shop.
It won't be until next year before we can go down to Fla again but we are hoping to make it a key west adventure. I'm retired military and they have a military MWR resort down there for very reasonable rates. Anyway, thank for the pictures.
Unfortunately the coast of Florida is usually rough, I had better clarity diving in rock queries. This is the only dive I have made in the ocean, It was quite awesome because of that one reason. I lived on Maui for a few years and did alot of snorkeling which was unbelievable, I hope some time to go back and dive those same spots. I hope to do some diving before the summer is out but man I have been way to busy so far. Whats the best dive spot you have seen?
John Pennecamp

By far the best thus far for me and my son. Protected waters keep you from touching anything but that means pristine conditions. Even the snorkeling trips from park headquarters were awesome. Most of my diving has been ocean. There is too little life in fresh water to keep my interest.