kissel a350w or reefbreeders 48" full spectrum?

Kessils will be more expensive than the reef breeder. I have never had the kessil but they are very good lights from everything I've heard and read.
I can speak from experience for the reef breeder and it is also a very good light and will grow out corals, clams and anemones very well.

So it will come down to personal preference and your wallet.
There's a few here who have ReefBreeders and they've convinced me to go that route when I set up my new tank shortly. Kessil are good, but expensive.
It's just personal preference for me. I like the spread of the light better and I love that ReefBreeders is local for me if I have any issues I can take a ride and see them. And the cost
I'd go Kessil. But I have one on my frag tank. They have a 2 year warranty and their customer service is awesome. They are easily tunable by knobs as well. Plus they are local to me.
is the reefbreeder a long light fixture that looks like a t5? I know the kissel is a 4' circular that you can hang
I personally LOVE my kessil 360s. Never tried the reefbreeders so I cant comment on them, but my sps have never been so happy :)
I've never had a Kessil so I can't speak to their worth but I do have a Reefbreeders fixture and I love it. Great quality and won't break the bank.