John @ ReefCleaners is in Hospital


I'm a girl.
I was reading over on nano-reefs that John at reefcleaners was in a car accident and is in the hospital. He did put a couple of posts on there. It sounds like he is ok, but pretty banged up.

John's post over on nana-reefs:

"thanks guys! i got internet here, and amazon movies as a result so I will survive. I am going to be in ICU for a few more days, and then they will move me to general. 3 ribs, ruptured spleen and punctured lungs internal bleeding etc....all torso damage, I am pretty lucky to have my legs, there is nothing but crumpled metal where they were, somehow i am walking still, i feel pretty damn lucky at the moment. Well minus the chest tube, that thing sucks, otherwise pretty damn lucky:)

i will be doing my best to catch up on emails, i am really far behind though so please bare with me."
Dang, John! Get well soon! Glad you are on the mend... sounds like you did get lucky. Let us know what happened some time. Hang in there!

Maybe a mod should put this thread the sponsor forum where he might have a better chance of seeing it? Thanks for the headsup, reaha!
btw, wasn't johns brother involved in an accident like a year or two ago? I thought it was them... i think i remember there being some delays in them responding due to that... :shock: