Is my light ok for a 30 gallon reef?


Reefing newb
I've added a frogspawn to my 1+year old tank since about 3 weeks ago.
Water conditions are ok and I've been told that frogspawns are not picky about light but regardless its location in the tank, I dont see its tentacles opening as I've seen in videos/stores

I though it was the current and already upgraded to a koralia 1200-1500 with no change in the way it behaves so I am thinking if it might be the light.

I am currently using 2x beamswork EA FSPEC LED (Lumen: 120, LEDs: 27x 0.50, Config: 16x 10000K, 6x Actinic 460nm, 3xRed 620nm, 2x Green 520n)

In the future I would like to have both soft and stony corals
Is my light sufficient or totally inappropriate?

Feedback appreciated
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After much reading and searching I bought the "sBox Pro 16" from SB Reef.

... though I may have to use it as 50-60%

Thank you guys.