I thought this site would help for info and plans for alot of people.


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I dont if many people have heard of this site but it is a great site. The site is garf.org thay sell corals teach you alot about reefing and give you plans to make your own rock, build stands, build tanks, build pleniums and more. Well I just wanted to get this great link out and hopefully it will help someone. Here is the link.Geothermal Aquaculture Research Foundation Home Page
Thanks Bobby.That is a great site,I check em out pretty regular.
Not a prob, I just hope it will help someone. I tried to make the DIY rock but I used the gray cement because I couldnt find the white and it looked great but never would stop leaching calcium carbinate. I let it cure for 3 to 4 months and it still put deposites all over the 10 gal I was curing in so I finally gave up. If I can ever find the white cement I'll deffinetly give it another shot. The best part about DIY rock is you can make any shape you want or need.
garf is great web site, my kids like sally jo's coloring books.about the white cement you need,go to any cement supplier or tile shop and they should be able to get it for you.:twocents:
Garf is a great site. I've been using it is a resource for years now and recomend it to all. I am a repeat user of their reef janitors and have found them to be very helpful whenever I have called them.