How to open your living room drapes!

Cool video. And yes my life looks so much better now. Finally somebody that has more time on their hands than I do.
Great. Wonder how many hours it took to set that up.

I also wonder how the close the drapes?
in the beginning I was like meh seen it before, then I was like whooaaaaaa thats crazzzy!
holy crap that was sooooo awesome. I cant believe someone had the time to think up all that.
It had to take months to figure all that stuff out and set it up. It is amazing that someone has the attention span and patience to have done it.
I think these types of things are AWESOME, but I imagine that with all that tape and rigging that this particular one was a PITA to make work.
ok, i'm unemployeed, so i have lots of time on my hands right now, and i dont think i'd even begin to try something like that... i dont have the patients for it.. holy crap, didnt the mythbusters do a rube goldberg thing and had to try a bunch of times before it worked all the way through.. man...
yes they did but they used mentos and diet pop to as the main part of theirs