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Yesterday was the Kickoff to the Kentucky Dirby Festival, and it was spent buying 6$ beer and watching a Kick ass airshow and one of the largest Firework Displays in the World. Here are some Pics




i hate those c-130's and all other air force cargo ship cause they fly over my house every five freakin minutes
I try to catch just about every air show that I can. I am absolutely amazed at some of the technology the AF has displayed, I can only imagine what they don't show. Great pics, keep 'em coming!
sucks for you not to be able to see every toy our military gets to fly around in. if you want come move down here near me ad youll see it all. i live right by an air force base and lockheed martin
Guys If ya live Close enough to see it ! I Strongly urge you to Come out,
When 500+ thousand people come together to Have a Good ol fashion KY cookout and Firework party It IS HUGE !!

Imagine 16 Barges and a Bridge packed with Explosives! and aBunck of people Blasted on 6$ Beer and what ever they decided to Smuggle in... Times get fun!
More money is generated in that 2 minutes than you could ever imagine,

A friend of mine was lucky enough to work the KY Derby and walked away with over 4 Grand in tips alone...
Nice video I cant WAIT for fourth of July the best holiday America has!
DUDE you dont look at car crashed or watch the Worlds Wildest Videos that is definately a game winning combo!
well yeah if your watching but not if your wear the falling plane lands or if your in the plane