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Wow, it's like no one on Living Reefs has a job. Here it is, 1:00 pm my time, and the whole "usual gang" is online posting. GET BACK TO WORK ALL YOU SLACKERS!!! Reef tanks don't pay for themselves, you know.
As if I need to explain myself to YOU but, I get off from work at 3:30 EST, but I was on here earlier cause I was taking a break. We have been hitting temps in the upper 90s and lower 100s for the last 3 weeks, and it's not a "dry" heat like you have.
main you guys got it made i'm a machinist in a union shop that works midnights for one week than afternoons the next week, and than dayshift the next gotta love swing shift. But i make awesome money for machinist in my area.
by the way biff, you are not the only one that has noticed that. i have thought the same thing at times. gosh! doesnt anyone have a job! then i would realize that i'm at work, parked in my service truck in the shade, surfing living reefs! i have a job, just don't have a life!
It must be nice to get to play on LR while some us ( mainly me ) sweat it out,in a heat/air shop WITHOUT the air in 110 115 degree temps for 14 to 17 hours a day,6 days a week.LOL.

BTW,Have a cold one for me while yall are at it.
ok yote your not the only one a machinist at olin is like being a millwright, i am maintenance machinist who trouble shoots in the mill anything mechanical breaks machinist fix it and it is hot working on rolling mills, slitters, and hot mill rollin machines, molten metal furnaces were copper, brass, nickel, used for mexican mint and us mint and us military small caliber and winchester ammunition. Last week i was fixing a crane 65 feet in air over a molten metal furnace and its was 135 degrees up there and if someone calls off i have to do another 8 hour shift. I feel your pain man.
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at the bottom of that pit were metal is being poured is a pit 25 foot deep full of water for metal bars to be formed and quenched, and is a big 30 foot hydrolic cylinder that i've changed 4 times now and olin has 6 of these casting melts, deep dark hole in underground were you have to were air monitor while you work, and thats my worst job.
those are not actuall pics were i work but very similar, except last one is exactly what a casting melt looks like were i work. and it is hot.
Ummmm....I wasn't on??? Yote, Jerm...don't feel bad...you're not the only ones who've felt the woes of the heat we've had here lately. I'll be SO glad when this training period of mine is over...so I can actually sit on my butt, talk to random ppl, and sell the HELL out of contracts!!!!!
Hey I work ALL day in the heat as well,

Im in a hot ass factory building 400 trucks a shift right next to Wire loom ovens ( used to make the Wire looms plyable) sweating it out at temps anywhere from 115 to 125 Deg. But... on the other hand i make $30.00 a hour + killer benifets. So i cant complain.