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Ok I bought a new reed octopus 100 but unlike my other one which is the SS model this one does not skim from the top of the water, I didnt realize that until I got it. Lame but oh well.

The problem I am having is with the water level in the skimmer

The water is blasting out of the over flow hole into the left chamber but if I try to push the cup down to cover it like the instructions say the cup immediately gets filled up.

Any idea how to fix this?


I have the SS model as well, and wish I could help figure this out for you. The water level on the return side is way too high, it should be just tumbling over the plexi partition in the chamber. Your sucking in too much water...either your air tube is blocked , or your return is somehow restricted...is the pump in the tank, like the SS, or in the skimmer?
Ok I noticed that my other skimmer that I bought from BL1 had black tape over the return hole so I turned the skimmer off, put tape over that stupid hole and pushed the cup down past the hole.

I turned it back on and its working perfectly now.

What is the point of that stupid hole I wonder

What is the point of that stupid hole I wonder[/QUOTE]

And thus; mankind was born...:mrgreen:

Glad you solved your problem, no idea what that things for. Hope I don't offend, I just can't help myself sometimes...
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Glad you laughed...I shouldn't drink and post... maybe after your skimmer breaks in you won't need the tape. I could use it for my mouth ...
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