Hermits hangin' out


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I wonder what they are talking about? Haha.
crab 1 is laying there minding his own business thinking to himself how the hell did my arms get so sunburnt. when crab 2 comes up to harass him thinking he is so funny.

crab 2 - "hey bro check out this coraline on my shell, where is yours at??"

crab 1 - "Dude purple is for women, you look like a fag!"

crab 2 - "hey why dont you come out of that shell and say that"

over the course of the evening the trash talking goes on, and a domestic dispute ensued. Crab 1 gets pissed and rips crab 2 out of his shell and left him a beat up mess only to die and get eaten by the rest of the tank. crab 1 would give the shell to his girlfriend because the coraline is a nice purple color, but you and i both know that crabs are too much jerks to be giving away presents so he just took a dump in the hole so that the next crab that decided to make a cozy home there would have a nice surprise!
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lmao. redline, youre not right. but i like it.
i personally think the crabs are discussing which one of your'e snails they are going to eat next.
classic case happens all the time. I actually caught wind of this particular one. I heard he has been caught. and is also getting charged for defication charges. could be a life sentence in the fuge
Haha, you guys are hilarious. This was the kind of responses I wanted out of this thread.

Good job:mrgreen:
UPDATE: bad news guys, i heard crab one was tried today for the charges of crabslaughter and deficating in public. sounds like he is spending the next 5 years in the overflow, no lighting, and only whatever gets skimmed off the surface of the water for food. I had my fingers crossed for the guy since he was just minding his own business, but the law is the law. I heard he asked for heavily garlic soaked brine shrimp for his last meal before getting locked away. also he has a possibility of parole. in 2 years he will have his hearing, if he plays it cool.
Just got round to reading this thread - hysterical - had to read it out to my wife.... couldn't stop laughing :-D

How's he doing a few days into his sentence?