help with sump and plumbing


Reefing newb
hey everyone, so i finally got a tank and pump to work with. As for the sump, i'm adding a picture with the wall design. I was questioning the wall between the refuge and the pump. the reason i have the gap half way is to prevent the floating algae from flowing into the pump section although that does cut down the water flowing through it. What should i do about that? Another thing is my return line. I am doing a 1 inch return line and having a spray bar along the entire length of the the tank. it will be towards the back and under water. I plan on drilling holes in the bottom of the spray bar with a 3/4 inch lock line spray head at the end to relieve pressure. Question is how many and how big should i drill the holes to accomadate 900-1000 gph.
Just have one, solid piece for the baffle between the fuge and return pump. The macroalgae will usually not be able to float over the baffle.
I did a spray bar on my 55. I had it on the side of the tank instead of the back. I drilled the holes a quarter to a half inch apart. It worked great. When I upgraded I gave that tank to my sister and she still uses it.